~ Cozy Tracking Spaces ~ Great sounds ~ Individual Headphone Mixes ~ Enough separation
to record a full band and punch-in individual parts ~ Great sounding live-mixes at the end of the session.


~ Final projects are delivered as DDP Files and/or Red Book Masters ~ I use Digital and Analog gear to make your mixes, louder, wider and more detailed. Most of all, I make them more consistent from system to system ~ If you are selling your cd on the web, it’s a good idea to encode ISRC Codes on your Master CD. ”Encoded ISRC provide the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments.”
ISRC Codes... You can get them here.

Remote Recordings:

~ I have a 64 Channel redundant-record rig for remotes. 
There are rental rigs in town to cover track-counts beyond 64 Channels.

The studio is walking distance to great restaurants and bakeries ... and, I can always make great coffee!

Stelth Desktop Black.jpg
before session.jpg


  • 4:07
    Mark Hayes ~ Artist: Jamie Kime, Brad Cobb, Craig Doerge and David Salinas. Recorded live. Tracked by Francesco Perlangeli/Mixed by Brad Cobb.
  • 4:16
    Mark Hayes ~ Artist: Jamie Kime, Brad Cobb, Craig Doerge and Steve Stephens. Live tracking by Francesco Perlangeli, overdubs recorded by Mark Hayes and Brad Cobb
  • 4:03
    Stephen Feldman ~ Recorded Drums, Bass, Organ and Mixed
  • 3:43
    David Vidal ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 2:57
    David Vidal ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 3:01
    Deborah Pardes ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 4:03
    Cory Sipper ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 2:53
    David Vidal ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 3:37
    Mark Hayes ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 3:42
    David Vidal ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 4:52
    David Morgan ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 3:19
    David Vidal ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 5:44
    Michael Child ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 7:22
    Bernard Bayer ~ Mastered
  • 3:32
    Cory Sipper ~ Recorded/Produced/Mixed
  • 4:16
    Broken Toiz ~ Recorded and Mixed
  • 6:17
    Christine Brewer, Lynn Harrell, Randy Kerber & John Williams ~ Produced/Mixed
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.54.50 AM.png


Line Gear:  
- Preamps: Integer: RMP2 (2), Hardy: M1 (4), Pueblo Audio: JR-Series (12) and 48 Channels of RedNet MP8Rs 
- Compressors: Empirical Labs: EL8s (2), Bystrom C4 (4), DBX 160-x (1). DBX 160-VU (2).

- Tube: AKG: C12-VR (2),  Pearlman: TM2 (2), MJE: 1050 (2), Stellar: CM5 (2), Rode: K2_modified (3) 
Ribbon: Coles: 4038 (2),  AEA: R92 (2), GA: R1 (2), Fuksman: ML-52 Ribbon, Cascade X-15 w/ShinyBox Ribbon
Condenser: Josephson: e22 (2), Sennheiser: MKH-80 (2), MJE: 384k (4), MJE: PE-219, Vanguard v4 (2),
    Violet: Amethyst Vintage (3), LineAudio: cm3s (6)/om1s (6), Assorted 12Gauge Mics
- Dynamic: AKG: D-222, Heil: pr48, Audix: d2 and d4, Avantone: MONDO (4), Shure: SM7, Beta 52 & SM57s

Mixing/Mastering/Archiving Gear:  
 Genex: D/A, BLA Sparrow A/D and D/A, Lynx: Hilo, (3) Aurora 16 w/Dante Cards, (2) RedNet PCIeR Cards.
 ~ Ampex: ATR 104 (2), Dolby: 363 (2), Lynx: AES16 (3),  Euphonix Artist Mix, 
 ~ Tascam: 16/24 Bit Dat Machine,  DIYre Summer, Equi=tech: Balanced Power

Software and Plug-ins: 
- PTHD 2018, Studio One 4, Reaper, Hofa, ddp-maker/player ... and tons of great plugs

- Speakers: ATC: 20-SL (L/C/R) , Quested: H-108, KRK 703C (modified), NEAR: 10Ms, Tannoy PBM-8s (modified).
- Amps: Modified Yamaha and Adcom amps, NOS MC1 Active, Myriad Systems Passive 5.1 Monitor Control

Instrument-Amp Rack:
_ Amps: 
Fender Pro Jr. 15 watt tube amp, M-Price 15-watt Brit-Clone, EDEN WT-300 Bass Amp
- Cabs: Pro Jr. 10” Speaker, RSA, 12" Celestion, TRM Widebody, Scumback 12" and a Motion Sound: SR-112 Leslie
- Pedals: Sansamp, Vodoo Labs Tremolo, Lovepedal Gen5, JHS: Charlie Brown, Westcam Jensen DI (8), Pueblo: Olla DI

Headphone Amps: 
- Adcom and Elan Power amps for 7  discrete stereo HP-Sends, with remote-client-volume-stations

- 1963 Kawai 48" Upright Piano, Hammond L-103 w/Motion Sound  Pro 3 and SR-112

Drum Kit: 
- 1980s Ludwig: 26" Kick, 14" x 6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare, Mounted 13" and 15" and 18” floors and plenty of Zildjian Cymbals


I'm a bassist and playing bass brought me to Los Angeles from Baton Rouge in the 1980s. I also play the piccolo bass; a hi strung bass that sounds like a thick guitar. It can be played acoustically or through guitar amps. This instrument has become a unique sound in my productions. Since the early 90's I've recorded, mixed, mastered and/or produced many different artist. Over the years, my desire for good recordings has deepened, making odark30 what it is today. I’ve played bass with different artists including Tommy Tutone, Tori Amos, David Cassidy, Stryper, Wendy Maharry, Thompson Twins, Eric Carmen, Leroux and Cory Sipper. Commercial recordings include:  Coke, "ABC 7" Chicago, General Mills, Asics, Kawasaki, Outback Steakhouse, Saturn and Korean Airlines. I also have background in Analog Tape-Archiving and building "Super-Pro-Tools Rigs" for Film Orchestra Dates.

Analog Tape Archiving Gigs: 
The Police, Sting, Sly and Robbie, No Doubt, Prince, Andy Kaufman, Kate Bush, The Dandy Warhols, Barbra Streisand, Sheryl Crow, Dionne Warwick, Janet Jackson,Perfect Circle, Krishna Das, Mick Jagger, Aaliyah, Baby Face, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer, Samantha Mumba, Commodores, Christina Aguilera,DTS, Ashford and Simpson, Peter Murphy.

Pro Tools Support for Live Orchestra Dates: 
T3, Radio, Looney Tunes, Cat in the Hat, Identity, Anger Management, Big Fish, Big Bounce, Angles in America, Hidalgo, The Duplex, Moose Port, The Passion, Brother Bear, Haunted Mansion, Scary Movie 3, The Missing, Jersey Girl, Cheer Up, Radio, Troy, Collateral, The Forgotten, Team America, MI-3, NBC News Theme, Monster House, The Incredibles, Munich, Chicken Little, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Cars, Freedom Land, King Kong, Spiderman 3, The Interpreter, War of the Worlds, Eagle Eye, Syriana, Pursuit of Happiness, Click, Monster House, Ratatouille, American Gangster, Wall-E, Leatherheads, John Adams, The Soloist, Indiana Jones, Miracle at St. Anna, Benjamin Button, Star Trek, The Tale of Despereaux, Public Enemies, Toy Story 3, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Red Dawn, Troy, The A-Team, War Horse, Masterpiece Theater, Tin Tin, Lincoln, John Williams’ NBC Themes.